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Roasted only after you order!



A State of Bean

Here at A State of Bean, we treasure the state of the environment and the magnificent farmers who supply us with some of the best coffee in the world through intensive care and labor.


Each bag we offer bolsters the livelihood of the farmers we support as well as the quality of the product that they are able to provide.


All our offerings are 100% certified organic, and we proudly provide the best Fair Trade and Direct Trade certified coffees we can find.

Together we have the power to support the millions of small farms that produce the best in specialty coffee.

our beans


We micro-roast extravagant artisan coffee to order and ship our full one-pound bags within a day of roasting for optimum freshness. We buy our organic beans at a premium price to support our dedicated farmers, and each crop represents a starkly unique flavor that transcends the nuances of commercial coffee.


We are proud to roast small-lot single origin coffee that speaks for its birthplace and the farmers who tended it.

Our blends have been carefully handcrafted from select regions and roasted specifically to provide the most delectable flavors to hit the palette.

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Coffee is one of the most traded commodities in the world. An estimated 125 million people make a living farming coffee. As an agricultural crop, production is unstable and it varies crop to crop as a result of disease, weather and more. High quality arabica coffee is vulnerable to disease and difficult to develop full flavor. Each cherry must be hand-picked. Many farms use hands-on processing as well.


From tree to cup, coffee has a long journey and passes through many hands, often leaving farmers unjustly compensated for a cheap final step to the consumer. Fair Trade was developed to ensure not only constantly improving quality, but fair prices that guarantee profits to cover costs of production. Demand for mass production of commercial coffee has also encouraged many harmful environmental practices, such as deforestation and chemical use. We promote organic, artisan coffee to reduce the harmful carbon footprint that large producers leave on the planet.

It's our State of Bean!
“to bean or not to bean. there is no question” 
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